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Office of Leadership, Service and Career


Lift While You Lead
We’ve got news for you: Lift While You Lead is back! Attend one of our info sessions to find out why LWYL is one of our most popular volunteer programs on campus - click here for more...
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Bridging the Gap Paid Internship Opportunity
Hello Bobcats! Intrested in learing about a paid internship opportunity? Click the banner to get started!
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Our Commitment to Inclusivity

The students and staff within the Community Engagement Center (CEC) at UC Merced work to create an inclusive environment for all and prioritize creating opportunities to promote positive systemic change by collaborating with community organizations, students, and faculty.

We, the CEC Team, recognize:

  • The struggle and lived experience of under resourced communities in Merced.
  • The importance of UC Merced students, faculty, and staff being engaged in the Merced community as a community member, not as a guests
  • The need to acknowledge biases and challenge them through practices of inclusion and acceptance

We, the CEC Team, strive to:

  • Promote fairness and provide empowerment and advocacy for each individual and community to ensure that everyone has the right to civil liberties, equal opportunity, and a sense of safety and security.
  • Challenge existing frameworks of oppression including racism, heterosexism, ableism, classism, xenophobia, ageism, sexism, transphobia, microaggressions, and all other forms of discrimination
  • Maintain an environment in which all individuals receive respect and acceptance.

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