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Public Service & Leadership Certificate

Apply Today!

The Public Service & Leadership Certificate (PSL) is an opportunity for active UC Merced students to celebrate their commitment to: public service, academic achievement in community engaged courses, and in community engaged projects.

We hope this opportunity will motivate UC Merced students to not only participate in more community service activities, but also increase their leadership experiences and sense of belonging during their time at UC Merced and beyond.

Upon completing the first step of the process which is the Pathways to Public Service Assessment, students will receive a confirmation email with the links to complete the rest of the requirements. Aside from completing the Pathways to Public Service as the first step, the rest of the requirements do not have to be completed in a specific order. 

If students are accepted as a PSL student, they will be awarded an achievement certificate and a distinct graduation cord to recognize their efforts and service to UC Merced and surrounding communities.

In order to be eligible to apply students must complete:

  1. Pathways to Public Service Assessment
  2. 80 approved service hours through Catlife
  3. Receive a passing grade of  "C" or above in a Community-Engaged Course 
  4. A capstone project with community engagement focus (can be completed through a previous course or program while at UC Merced - e.g. YLP, SSI Internships)

Why Should I Apply?

  • Become a more active member within the UC Merced community
  • Collaborate with others and develop transferrable skills (leadership, communication, etc.)
  • Become a more well-rounded student
  • Earn the Public Service & Leadership Certificate

Want to Learn More?

Join the CEC for an in-person or Zoom info session to learn more about the PSL, and use the form below to register for the session that works best for you. Info sessions will be available throughout the semester so we encourage you to check periodically if you are unable to join the info session below. 

Click HERE to register if the form above is not working.