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Community Service Graduation Pin

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The Community Service Graduation Pin honors students who have demonstrated exceptional dedication to supporting and empowering our local Merced community. This recognition is awarded to those who have embraced experiential opportunities, allowing these experiences to shape them into exemplary Bobcats. These students have gone above and beyond, applying their knowledge and skills to serve the Merced community while gaining valuable real-world experience.

The Community Engagement Center and UC Merced commend our students who excel in learning through hands-on experiences. These experiential opportunities not only contribute to personal growth but also foster a deeper connection with the community. By engaging in real-world service opportunities, our students develop as individuals and leaders, making a lasting impact on the lives of those they serve.

The Community Engagement Graduation Pin celebrates these outstanding students and their commitment to making Merced a better place for everyone. Their dedication to service and improvement of their community is what truly creates our future leaders.


In order to be eligible for the Communtiy Service Graduation Pin one of these three criterias must be met:

  • Paticipation in a Long Term Service Project - In order to be eligible volunteers must have stayed for the entire duration of the program! To find eligible Long Term Programs please click HERE

  • 30 Approved Catlife hours of Communtiy Engagement Center Events - These must be approved prior to submitting an aplication

  • 30 Approved Catlife hours of Service through UC Merced Clubs/Orgs - These must be approved prior to submitting an application


Why should I apply?

  • The valuable experiential opportunities which serve as valuable experience
  • The opportunity to leave a lasting legacy and a strong impact on your community
  • Recognition for your hardwork and dedication

How do I apply?

When students are approaching graduation they will recieve an email with instructions on how to apply as well as the form that must be filled out. All graduating students should be on the lookout in their email inbox!!

Have Questions?

Email us at or come visit us at KL190 for any questions or clarification!