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Student Engagement and Partnering with our Community

Now that you are a UC Merced Bobcat and a Merced County resident, there are many opportunities to become involved with your new community! Please remember, as we as a campus are new to the community, respect is most important.  We must be sure that we don’t assume the attitude that we are going to “fix, help, or save” the community. Merced is a community of vibrant, resilient, hard-working people who will value the time, energy, and ideas of fellow community members who are willing to come along-side local organizations, agencies, schools etc. to help them meet the populations they serve.

Please consider your language and attitude carefully as you go into the community, as, whether intentionally or not, you represent UC Merced. And please be mindful of the type of activities you’ll be doing so you can dress accordingly – if you’re outdoors or especially active, closed-toe shoes are appropriate. Some outdoor activities may require you to bring sunscreen, a hat, and a container of drinking water. If you’re going to be with children, please be sure your t-shirt isn’t advertising alcohol or other potentially negative influences. And PLEASE don’t spend the majority of the time on your phone as that often communicates a lack of interest.

Embrace your new community, and enjoy partnering with, and getting to know, those who have lived here for years, and others, like yourself, who may be brand new to this place we call the Central Valley.