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Student Engagement Online - Social Distancing With Care

As we seek to continue to keep our friends, family and neighbors safe from COVID19, many are also looking for opportunities to reach out and serve others in our communities while still maintaining a safe distance. The Community Engagement Center has brought together the following ideas for you to use and share:
  • Reach out to teachers you may know in local elementary, middle or high schools to see if their class/school has capacity to facilitate one-on-one or small group tutoring via skype, zoom, duo or other communication tool.
  • Organize with a local Humane Society or Shelter and host a social media campaign for pet food collection, and days to drop off.
  • Create a Senior Memory site with a local retirement facility - set up an online site and each day ask a question. Staff can share the link and have community members respond with their memories of that time, or event in history.
  • Use social media to organize an advocacy, education or awareness campaign (for example the importance of completing the Census, saving water, or ending Human Trafficking). Look up and share facts, links of agencies addressing the issue, and how to get involved.
  • Develop an online book club for teens in your neighborhood - be sure to pick an appropriate reading and topic level (call your local library for help).
  • Check in with local non-profits to see if they could use your help to create a database, a newsletter, set up an online discussion site, orĀ help in transcribing documents.
  • Make cards for individuals in local women's shelter's, children's hospitals, senior facilities etc, mail them in one large envelope for the agency to disperse.

Virtual Service is real service -- and real community service. It requires real time and a real commitment and has real deadlines. That commitment might be short -- and you may be able to do the service at any timeĀ  or on any day you choose -- at 3 a.m. or noon, but the commitment, even if the task is small, it is real, and if you don't complete an assignment you have signed up for, you hurt the organization you are trying to help.

Here are links to other online service opportunities:

Please reach out to the Community Engagement Center staff ( if you have questions or comments, stay well and THANK YOU!!!